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Aristotle said that, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when individual parts are connected together to form one entity, they are worth more than if the parts were in silos. 


We at New Empire Builders have created an organization where our value proposition is vertically integrating our platform and delivering that to our clients. We appreciate that there are multiple options when entertaining bringing your project from design to completion. What we pride ourselves in is ensuring that we are an end to end solution. We understand that change orders can have a dimatrical cost to your capital stack and return hurdles.

As an organization that has the bandwidth of 300 employees, which includes and not limited too; we have the the following expertises:

Architecture Model Sketching



Cost Estimators 


Skill Exclusive

Trade Labors

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch



Construction Managers


Supply Chain Experts

Image 1693.png

Zoning & DOB Specialist 


Site Safety Coordinators 

Experts Panel

High Level Government Agent Relationships

We have spent well over a decade to leverage this approach to address the entire construction ecosystem. It is to engage and offer other vertical divisions we have centralized as non traditional but 21st century General contractors, as part of the value creation and where we pass on to our clients to align cost expectations and resources.

  1. Supply Chain-Material's Windows, Doors, Lights, Flooring, and Custom Furnitures

  2. GPM

  3. $50M Bondability 

  4. Interior Designing: Home Furnishings, Design & Staging 

208 delancey.jpg

With our track record of hundreds of successful projects agnostic to NYC and the Tri-State, we have spent almost two decades creating this infrastructure that offers us a clear competitive advantage and differentiation for a niche in multiple asset classes with a SOW of projects from $5M-$100M. If you have a project you are entertaining and would like to arrange a tour of our sites and with Covid-19 we can also do that virtually to develop a long term synergistic partnership, please contact us at

Tel: (718) 439-4688

Fax: (347) 799-1668

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